By March 11, 2019Landlords

Landlords who have hired a professional to manage their rental property may not be aware there are things they can do to help get their relationship with the tenant and the property manager off to the best possible start.

Two common issues that cause disputes are professional cleaning and having everything in good working order.

Bond Clean

Managed correctly, a bond clean should be done by the previous tenant. However, this doesn’t always happen. If the property is being rented for the first time, whether that’s because it’s brand new or if the owner has moved out, then there’s no previous tenant and so it may not have had a bond clean. In these instances it’s important to trus the property manager’s advice and get a bond clean done, a thorough going-over by a professional cleaning crew who will do the big jobs, such as ovens, and leave the place spotless. Getting a professional bond clean done will ensure the condition of the property is at an easily agreed and understood state – very thoroughly cleaned!

Sparkle Clean

If a bond clean has been done and then the property has remained vacant for some time, the property will get dusty. Regular mowing maintenance can also flick debris under doors and prospective tenants can also track dirt in during inspections. For this reason, property managers will recommend a sparkle clean prior to an Entry Condition Report being completed.  There is nothing worse than moving into a property and there is gecko poo on the benches and a thick layer of dust on all surfaces. A sparkle clean will get everything back to the professional standard also sets the tone for the tenancy, letting our rents know what standard of cleanliness is required upon vacating the property.

In Working Order

The landlord has an obligation to make sure everything is in good working order in the property. While a dishwasher may not be an essential service, if the property is advertised as having one, legally the tenancy can expect it to be working. If left unrepaired, without reasonable grounds, the landlord may be liable for compensation to the tenant. Worse still, a tenant can also breach a landlord for unremedied repairs which can result in a notice to leave.

In my experience, building a good relationship between tenant, landlord and property manager beings by presenting the property in the best possible condition.

Trust your property manager when the y suggest a professional clean or maintenance needs to be done; their advice will be designed to bring about the best possible tenancy outcome – a happy tenant and a smooth, hassle-free renting relationship.

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