We all want to sell our home or investment property for a premium price.

This month I would like to offer you tips in preparing your home to make this a reality!

First Impressions

As they say, you never get a second chance at a positive first impression – and real estate is no different!

From the moment a prospective buyer arrives at your home they need to be impressed, and it to be honest the devil is in the detail.

As marketers for your property, we are interested in getting you the best possible price so it is in our best interest as well as yours to exceed expectations every time.

The presentation of your home can influence the price a purchaser agrees to, sometimes by thousands of dollars.

A minimal amount of work can make a major difference to the price you achieve and increase what we call ‘saleability’.

Saleability is the likelihood the home will sell, and reduces the average days on market the home is available for sale compared to other homes available.

A Simple Guide

Here is a simple guide to help you present your property to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Begin by walking across the street and looking at the home in an objective way and think as a first-time purchaser asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are there any minor changes you can make to the garden to enhance the street appeal?
  • Does your paintwork need touching up?
  • Are the windows clean?
  • Do you have any rubbish that needs to be removed?

What you can do

When considering the inside of your home, remember you are now living in a showroom.

Your aim is to impress potential buyers so much that they want to purchase your house, and appeal to their emotive side, while also satisfying their other buyer needs (ie security, location).

Consider the following:
  • Make your buyers feel welcome. Play some music, light an oil burner, brew some coffee and buy some fresh flowers. Pleasant aromas always make a property inviting.
  • Check all rooms in the house to ensure the interior is clean. Pay particular attention to kitchens and bathrooms, as these rooms are the two most important rooms on which purchase decisions are made.
  • Ensure the beds are made and toys are hidden.
  • Create more space by storing extra furniture and clothes. This will make rooms and wardrobes look bigger.
  • Keep pets at bay and under control.


Finally, the marketing.  We can’t recommend professional photography enough!  Too often sellers will skimp on a set of professional photos which work out to be less than 0.06% of their property value.

Remember, marketing is an investment and you are seeking to get the highest possible return on your investment – your sale price.  With increasingly savvy, cost effective technology, you can also accentuate the property through priority internet portal placement, social media and video which is highly engaging and sought after by buyers.

Following these simple guidelines will give you maximised results in selling your home.

If you would like more information or a complimentary consultation at your home to discuss any of the points above, please get in touch!

We’d love to show you the power of getting the simple stuff right to get a premium sale price on your property.