Creating a first impression when you’re looking to sell your home is one of the most important tools you can use to increase your chances with prospective buyers.

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression, so make it count the first time.

Here are five hot tips to get your home ‘sell ready’.

The big things hidden in plain sight

The functional appeal of a driveway to a home is sometimes neglected when it comes to curb appeal.  However, it is the landing strip that sets the tone for the rest of the property.  Brodie from BROCON Contracting Pty Ltd believes that, ‘Having a clutter free driveway and keeping it clean, aids positive curb appeal and doesn’t cost the earth.’

Furthermore, Brodie also advises that ‘If your budget can stretch to a fresh re-seal or stencilling an attractive pattern into your driveway, it will freshen up your home and do wonders for your home’s overall look and positive first impression’.  As a word of warning, also check with your council before you begin this kind of work and use a licenced contractor.

Is it foggy outside?

Polished fittings with raw surfaces are a winning combination

Windows look sad when they are dirty so make sure you clean them regularly inside and out.

If your able to, go the step further and make sure your curtains and blinds match and are clean also.  If your window tint is peeling, it also pays to have these surfaces redone or replaced.

 The finishing touches count!

It sounds silly but by simply replacing old and dingy door knobs with a contemporary version will freshen up a room famously.  Warped, stained and broken fence panels are also a repeat offender in our tropical climate.  This also includes the garage door and side gates.

If it sticks out like the proverbial, buyers are going to notice and this will often detract from your sale price.  It’s not always necessary to replace small fixtures particularly if you are on a budget.  So to overcome extra cost, you may be able to use some old fashioned elbow grease and polish to refurbish the fittings in a room.

Storage is the key to tidiness

Store all yard equipment including children’s toys away from the front entrance and try and find a new place for the bins so they are not on display out front.  If you are short on space, consider a garage sale or donating items that are commonly unused.  You may also look at installing a garden bench seat that doubles as an outdoor equipment storage container.  Look for ways to add multi-purpose additions to your home.

Maintenance is key

Lastly – to keep your home in tip top shape home maintenance work is necessary.

Just like a regular oil change and service for your car, keeping up with regular maintenance helps keep your home in a good state of repair and maximizes value and comfort.  It also minimises the risk of future headaches and wasted money down the track.  Simple things like the gardens are weeded, trees are trimmed and lawns are mowed.  Inside, invest in regular deep clean of carpets and flooring.  A little TLC goes along way. Achieving curb appeal is not very difficult, nor does it have to be very costly. If you’re thinking about improving your curb appeal, go to the curb and take a long look at your home.

Always ask yourself, ‘What is the first impression you want to give?’

Remember you don’t have to spend a fortune to stay en vogue – work with what you have and keep it simple, clean and well-maintained.