By January 16, 2020Buying Tips


Whether buying, renting, or investing, it is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of a location. Telina is positioned is 7.4 kms from the CBD of Gladstone and is very popular suburb. The average age of the population is 46 to 59 with a 71% owner occupancy rate, households primarily hosting couples with children. 

The size of Telina is 1.5 square kilometres with 5 local parklands covering nearly 14.5 % of the total area. Some blocks offer breath taking views of Mount Larcom to the west when the sun sets. The roads in the estate are quite wide with the average block size very generous


Making up the estate is a total of 772 houses and 59 units and the medium price for a four-bedroom home is $290,000. Also, within Telina, is the Gladstone Uniting Church which sits on a great parcel of land off from Glenlyon Road. The hall at the Church is often used by locals for dancing lessons, child minding and exercise class making it a great asset to the community. 


Mount Biondello Botanic Gardens joins the southern boundary of the suburb and is nestled in the beautifully maintained Tondoon Botanic Gardens. You’ll also find a coffee shop and restaurant so you can sit back and enjoy the tranquillity. Local’s enjoy the numerous community events held at the gardens throughout the year, including the monthly Rotary Sunday.

Another popular local attraction is The Round Gladstone Trails. Starting from the economic horticulture (orchard) section at Tondoon Botanic Gardens, Trail 1 is accessible via the main entrance gate on Glenlyon Road or via the Southern Cross Close entrance. Trails 2 and 3 start on Haddock Drive and are both approximately 3km long and follow the banks of Police Creek.


Some of the things that you can enjoy as a family is swimming, fishing, surfing, a good selection of sports and most importantly… live a very fulfilled lifestyle in regional Central Queensland. 

Take advantage of living in such a unique, and beautiful part of Australia with the Southern Great Barrier Reef on your doorstep.

So, give me a call today if you wish to enjoy the lifestyle that is on offer in the Gladstone region.