The agent you choose to sell your home is potentially the single biggest decision that will determine the results – will you achieve a successful sale or will it be a disappointing outcome?

An agent’s level of professional development – their commitment to be the best, most informed, educated real estate professional they can be – is one of the main drivers of their success as an agent.

Real estate agents must be compliant in a vast array of legislation that covers the real estate and financial components of their job, so education is crucial. These pieces of legislation are updated regularly and for agent to remain compliant stay up to date requires ongoing education from real estate professionals. When you are choosing a real estate professional, the most important question will be about how they maintain their ongoing education.

The easiest way to ask this question is: “Are you a member of the REIQ?”

All REIQ members are required to participate in ongoing education, accruing 100 points of CPD every year. They do this by attending a range of training events designed to keep agents informed and up to date. Training events include opportunities like the upcoming REIQ Roadshow, which is a one-day conference that the REIQ is bringing to regional Queensland.

The event brings together a range of experts who offer legal and professional knowledge that helps real estate professional – sales agents and property managers in residential, commercial and industrial; also, buyer’s agents, auctioneers and more – stay informed and legally compliant.

Why is this so important?

When a real estate professional is buying, selling or managing your single most valuable asset you need to know you can trust them. You need to know that that take the role seriously and that they have the knowledge to handle the process competently. You can trust that an REIQ member takes this role seriously. Their membership is one of the most prominent ways they can demonstrate a commitment to learning; further, they are invested in ongoing education and on distinguishing themselves from their competitors in all the right ways, by being the best.

The most important question to ask your real estate agent is: “Are you attending the REIQ Regional Roadshow to maintain your ongoing professional education?”

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