Jamie Frizzo

Sales Specialist

office: 07 4972 2484
email: jamie@locationsestateagents.com.au

Everything I have learned in my prior working life is critical to being the best agent possible; motivation, honesty, hard work and understanding.

I value my family and home and I work hard to achieve my personal and professional goals. Having a comprehensive understanding of both the seller’s and buyer’s needs as well as agent honesty, is a great way to achieve the best outcome for all parties in a property transaction.  Real estate has always been in my life but initially it wasn’t something I expected as a career.  With the experience I have around property and my relationships in both the construction industry and football circles, right now, real estate just feels right.

My background

Playing rugby league was always my dream and passion.  I first moved to Sydney at 16, signed with the infamous Canterbury Bulldogs.  I was young then but quickly realised the importance of family, building relationships, honesty and hard work. I spent four years in Sydney playing footy.  I needed a change and wanted to be with family so I decided to move to North Queensland and play with the Cowboys.   After two years of football and meeting my future wife, I made the hard decision to quit the sport.  This was an incredibly challenging time for me.  Everything up until that point was football. l lived and breathed it for 6 years and put everything I had into it.  When I quit, it felt like I had nothing.  I loved and hated a lot of things in those football years. What it made me realise most was all the importance of the relationships that I had made.  The sport has given me lifelong friends all around Australia and the world.  It also showed me that I cannot stand being away from my family which is now my main priority.  I have two beautiful children and an amazing wife that I love dearly.

Working career

Post footy and at 22 years old I was lost and needing to find another passion. I pursued my interest in property through a carpentry apprenticeship. Within 12 months of my apprenticeship the company I was working for folded.  There weren’t any other carpentry apprenticeships available at the time.  When an electrical apprenticeship became available, I grabbed it with both hands.

Passion for property

I worked in the construction industry for many years as an electrician.  I also started buying, selling and renovating my own houses. My excitement and passion for property grew. I knew I wanted to do more in the property industry.  My experience in property is widespread from construction of domestic houses to commercial sheds and unit complex buildings.  This has helped me gain a valuable insight into the real estate industry and it will also assist my clients as I can provide a detailed perspective where other agents may not.

Clients can rely on me to do the hard work to help them achieve their real estate goals.  I look forward to meeting many more people who will shape the person I am and that I can assist to find their passion for property.