At LOCATIONS, when conducting personal and office activities we are mindful of our carbon footprint and sustainability of the business. There is an increasing concern around climate change and global warming including greenhouse gas effects, environmental issues such as deforestation and the amount of waste created from everyday human activities. For this reason, it’s important to our organisation be mindful of the ways we can help reduce our carbon footprint both as individuals and together as a workplace.

Some of the projects LOCATIONS have made to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint are below:

  • Bottled Water use – we have had a plumber install a filtered drinking water tap connected to our kitchen sink as well as reusable glass water bottles stored in the fridge to reduce the amount of bottled water purchased for our staff members.
  • Recycling – we use a plastic, reusable and washable crate to ensure recyclable items are easily able to be carried down and put into the correct recycling bin.
  • Electricity use – all staff members ensure their PC’s are turned off at the end of the day.  We also ensure our office air conditioners are set on timers to turn off automatically in the instance they are accidentally left on after business hours.
  • Coffee – a staple of everyday life for some, we realised how many disposable coffee cups we were going through and made a conscious effort to purchase reusable coffee cups that can easily be washed in-stead of thrown out.
  • Coffee Pods – After a staff member generously donated a POD coffee machine for office use, we realised how many plastic PODs we were going through, we now put these aside as they can be cleaned out and sent back to Nescafe to be re purposed. The used coffee grounds are usually collected by a staff member for body scrubs, garden use and DIY purposes.
  • Stationery – Our office makes a conscious effort to purchase recycled and repurposed office supplies where possible such as printer paper and post-it notes

We are working on making our office a more environmentally friendly place and have found taking the above steps has kick started our mission to reduce our carbon footprint overall.  We have also introduced indoor plants to help with the overall air quality and to provide a comfortable, soothing aesthetic to the interior.  Ensuring that our team can work in a comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly space is really important for both our physical and mental well-being.