By February 12, 2021Locations Team

There are several decisions you need to make when selling your home – both financial and emotional.

But one of the most important considerations when deciding to list your property is who is going to sell it for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling the family home, your first apartment or investment property. Choosing the right real estate agent is key to getting the best result possible for your property. But do you choose an experienced agent or a newer agent? 


As with anything in property, research is key. Find agents working in your area and put together a shortlist. Look at things like how many listings they have, their previous sales, and how they market both properties and their agency.

An agent’s level of professional development – their commitment to being the best, most informed, educated real estate professional they can be – is one of the main drivers of their success as an agent.


Any good real estate agent should come armed with a strategy to sell your home so make sure you set clearly defined objectives and check in regularly to see how the agent is tracking.

A more experienced agent like myself will typically have access to a higher number of contacts and connections in the area, where a younger agent will be across the digital technology and use this to access a wider audience with online advertising. 

A selling strategy should include points on presentation, marketing, and negotiation so vendors can make decisions at the start of the campaign.


When you meet with agents, find out how long they’ve worked in the area and test them on their local knowledge. A mature agent like myself does have a lot to offer as I have been selling Real Estate since 2000 and even sold several properties multiple times for clients. Knowing the market and history of our region is an asset and you should always look for an agent that has the complete market knowledge and understand the trends. It is a common misconception that agents are simply ‘making up prices to benefit themselves’ where we are simply using our market knowledge and monitoring recent sales to predict market value. 

Real estate agents must be compliant in a vast array of legislation that covers the real estate and financial components of their job, so education is crucial.

This shows they’re invested in the local area and have a good understanding of the marketplace. It will also help them bring extra energy to the sale of your home.

When a real estate professional is buying, selling or managing the single most valuable asset you need to know you can trust them. You need to know that they take the role seriously and that they know how to handle the process competently. 

To achieve that right combination is just GOLD. I pride myself in achieving a price for a property by listening to what an owner’s expectations are taking that into account along with the market value to achieve the best possible price. I am a mother, grandma and great-grandma I still love to help people achieve their real estate dreams. 

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