Three years ago, I discovered a tap-dancing company in Gladstone called, Evolve Dance Studio which is located in South Gladstone. The principal is Miss Kyra who is a young mum and a very talented dancer! She runs and teaches at the dance studio for age groups ranging from early 20’s to mid-70’s.

There are a couple of teachers who also assist Miss Kyra and they are Mrs Marj Rampton and Miss Jenny. These two teachers have taught me; I also need to add Miss Helen who has relocated and is now living on the Sunshine Coast.


Having started tap dancing when I was five years old and enjoying it for a few years, I have returned to this familiar hobby because I thoroughly enjoyed doing it in my early childhood years. 

Our adult classes are a lot of fun! We turn up each week and learn a few more steps to the dance routines that we are doing for the year which will involve the Gladstone Eisteddfod and the end of year dance concert.


Dancing and designing costumes with the teachers, and working on the routine with the music, is so much fun.  Each year, we have the two dance appearances with full make-up, hair and costumes which we all are delighted to participate in. All our families and friends attend the end of the year concert to support and see what we have learnt for that year.

My granddaughter Lilly enjoys watching me dance as she is also a keen dancer. Recently, she asked me, “Grandma why don’t you smile when you are dancing on the stage?” to which I replied “ Lilly, Grandma has a hard enough time trying to remember the dance steps than to worry about having a smile on my face!” 

But I have taken her advice and now I am trying to remember to smile while I am on the stage.


Benefits of tap dance include increasing cardiovascular conditioning, strength, flexibility and coordination. Tap dance combinations build strength in the legs and feet in addition to increasing flexibility in the hips, knees and ankles. Engaging in tap dancing also develops a great sense of rhythm and timing; additionally, it is great for mental health which is so important as we are aging.

Over the past few months, we have not been able to dance because of COVID-19, however we are returning to the studio this week. I have missed my dear friends who I dance with, and the fun / stress we have trying to dance and get the steps right with the music. This week I am also joining the Adult Ballet Class which is extremely popular! 

This type of dance is food for the soul. Dancing succeeds where other exercises might fail because it is fun and healthy at the same time. 

So, swap your slippers for dancing shoes and dance your way to better health!