By September 27, 2019Locations Team

In my first month in real estate, one thing is for sure, there’s more than what meets the eye.  As the new kid on the block, I strive to be as informed as possible. I have a wide array of goals to achieve and I intend on accomplishing them to the best of my ability.  Real estate has always been a passion of mine and it’s been a great opportunity to start my career with LOCATIONS estate agents.

Although young, I have trained sporting teams, been elected as school captain at Gladstone State High School in 2018, and currently I am undertaking tertiary studies in business and marketing.  I believe this will serve my clients well when they discuss their property needs with me as I can offer a well-rounded perspective.

LOCATIONS estate agents is a wonderful agency that emphasises quality, transparency, results and experience. They have redefined my very own definition and understanding of what it takes to become a real estate agent. As far as I’m concerned it’s not just about the property, land, or legislation involved; rather, it’s predominantly people management and how well we as agents can make a client’s experience the best possible. That’s exactly what you’ll expect and receive from Locations: quality of service.

The agency has a client centric focus.  This means educating their clients so that they are well equipped with appropriate information regarding the market and its tendencies. With this information clients can make informed, rational decisions for either buying, selling and investing at both now, or in the future.  I’m eager to learn more and know there will be many experiences in my real estate journey.

The agency team is cohesive and effective to say the least. Upon recruitment there were never dull and awkward snippets throughout my day. Instead, I felt embraced, accepted and informed. Having a brief understanding about businesses, how they operate, and the importance of culture through my higher educational studies, quote me when I say this, “their structure and composition are definitely above industry standards”. Great for clients, worrisome for competitors.

It has been a pleasant experience so far with Alicia and the LOCATIONS team.  I intend on adding to the team my proficiency, knowledge, understanding and different perception regarding real estate.  While I may be the youngest in the team, I bring to the table a fresh, enthusiastic approach.  Best of all, I can tap into the experience of the entire LOCATIONS team so we can work on solutions for our clients to achieve their property goals.



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