By September 18, 2020Locations Team

Away from my Real Estate world (which I LOVE) I am a mother, grandmother, YOGI and crochet enthusiast. Last week I visited Lincraft and bought some wool and crochet hooks for my granddaughters, Lilly (9) and Mia (6) to start giving them lessons on how to crochet.

I was truly amazed on the amount of huge variety of wool you can buy now. In the end I decided on two hot pink and rainbow wool for my fun-loving, beautiful girls. My daughter Gemma was coming to visit and had booked in for scones and cream and strawberry jam to enjoy with all the grandkids.  

I was so excited about getting started with the crocheting that straight after morning tea I got the surprise out and told the girls my intentions on teaching them how to crochet and shared my of how I had first discovered the art of crochet.  I explained to them that when I was around their age, I went to an old ladies house and she had tables and chairs on the old classic Queenslander veranda, and we paid 20 cents a lesson to learn to crochet and knit. To this day, I love to crochet whenever I can, and I use this skill to relax. I also love the sense of achievement I get when I’ve finally finished the project I have been working on. 

I was a very impatient child so I preferred crochet to knitting because you could finish your garment quicker. We made dresses, blankets, scarves and even bikinis. When I decided to teach my grandchildren, I tried to buy a book on crochet and I found no beginners books so I went home that afternoon and goggled crocheting and I found a huge selection of videos on YouTube. Welcome to 2020!

My granddaughters really enjoyed their lesson with Grandma and when it was time for them to go home and I allowed the girls to go home with the wool and hooks and set some ‘homework’  to watch a few videos on how to crochet and keep doing the chain stitch, and hold the hook properly. My daughter, Gemma reported that shortly after arriving home Mia continued to ask when she could next work on her crochet and that she wanted her Dad to join. I think Mia may have the patience of her grandma. 

I cannot wait to see the my girls again and see their progress.  I hope that this short blog will inspire you to find your own passion and hobbies. You’re complex — that’s what makes you human. And the more you realise your own complexity, the happier you will be.

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