Property sales? Property management? More like people management!

Selling and purchasing the property is a surface level understanding, in the midst of what the real estate industry is all about. If anything, it’s people management. Upon entering the team, one thing’s for sure, real estate is not all about the selling, purchasing or investment of houses. I’ve discovered that it’s all about the experience, the education and the value that we as agents create. This is achieved through the amalgamation of what the legislation allows, what the client wants as well as the agents. I’ve learned this through my real estate dealings so far and through insights from my team with their combined industry and knowledge spanning over 60 years.

What it takes to be a successful agent

With every interaction, communication and transparency must be on the forefront for when it comes to dealing with current or prospective customers. To become a prudent and successful agent, it’s imperative that I create a comfortable and trusted environment for clients overarched by communication. Learning about a client and building rapport is critical. When discussing a client’s property goals, it’s important to get the whole picture. This includes their ideas, status, work, and property requirements. Everyone knows what they want and it’s up to us as agents to extract that information with the purest of intentions and to find a solution for the client.

The point of difference

This has really turned my head and broadened my mind. It makes absolute and complete sense to me. As someone who is currently studying business and marketing, I can appreciate the agency’s client centric focus. That’s what gives LOCATIONS the point of difference. It’s about providing that powerful and positive experience to the clients so they can build a trusted life long relationship with their preferred agent.