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I won’t lie, being a working mum is not easy. When both parents work full time and day care is limited particularly around sickness and added Covid restrictions. Although we have the option to work from home, the reality is that working at home with a toddler isn’t always possible. 

At the end of the day I am a mum first and foremost, so my son will always be my priority. However, providing support and completing tasks for my employer is also very important to me to ensure I meet my working commitments. I am very lucky to have the flexibility and support from my managers and colleagues as they understand that being a working parent can be a big juggle.

It is hard to let go of the ‘mum guilt’. Mothers are often judged for returning to work full time and ‘leaving’ their child/children with a day care provider while the father is expected to go to work to ‘provide’ for the family. In my case, due to our financial commitments, I decided to make the difficult task of returning to full time work. While I absolutely adore my son and love spending time with him, I also know that he is learning many important life and social skills with the educators and other children he is interacting with at child care.

Working fulltime while raising a toddler is a big juggle. When people ask “How do you do it?” My answer is that we just make it work. 

Here’s my top tips for working parents:

  • Be more flexible and lowering expectations around work flow, appointments and play time 
  • Making the most of the time NOW with your children as they grow up too quickly 
  • Planning meals
  • Staying on top of house work or organise a regular cleaner if you can to help with the big jobs that annoy you
  • Keeping up the exercise – for those happy endorphins and mental clarity
  • Sticking to a routine with my son in the afternoons to avoid that nasty toddler hour around 5pm
  • Have a good support network of friends, mums and family that share our lifestyle and understand
  • Get out as a family and go to the park and mix up experiences where possible 

I’m still learning how to have the best work life balance with being a MUM and working fulltime but finding that happy balance is the key. Being organised whilst not putting too much pressure on yourself I feel is important as no day is ever the same. Here’s a shout out to all the working parents out there!

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