1770/Agnes Water…THE NEXT NOOSA

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I wanted to tell some history about my hometown of Agnes Water and what has happened over the years between 1970 to now in Real Estate.

Jim Whyte gave me a folder about 15 years ago of advertisements of property and photos of the coastline now known as the Discovery Coast. That estate was for sale when he started looking at Agnes Water/1770 as an investment opportunity in the late 1970s and early 1980. He was introduced to Agnes Water/1770 by a close friend Leo Zussino.

The following was happening in the community back in the mid-1970s

Provision of Services

  • Access road- upgrade
  • Telephone services in place
  • Electricity supply under construction
  • Water supply development
  • 1770 marina under construction
  • Land available for airport
  • The development Chain.
  • Factors influencing development

The Miriam Vale -1770 Road is now over 25% sealed and should develop rapidly into a fully sealed road within the next two years.

Telecom had already installed telephone lines in the towns of 1770 and Agnes Water.

The Qld State Cabinet had approved a $2.2 million electrification program for 1770-Agnes Water with construction starting before July 1986.

A small marina complex was approved for 1770, and work on this complex had commenced.

Land had been allocated for a Sewerage Farm, and a private airstrip was in Agnes Water.

Throughout the 1970s, people from nearby towns bounced their family cars over the rough track at holiday times and crowded into the three Caravan Parks that were established or simply camped out. The less hardy looked for traditional Holiday Housing and Home Sites.

This more traditional demand caused the Queensland Administration Commission to sub-divide 47 Residential lots on the 1770 headland in 1972. Prices started at $7,000.

With the township of 1770 having only 110 residential lots and all surrounding land being declared Recreation Reserve, the development impetus moved to the Agnes Water surfing beach, 5 km to the South.

A 40 Lot subdivision was developed at Agnes Water during the late 1970s, with prices starting at $8,000. However, it wasn’t until the 1980s that people outside the local region around Bundaberg and Gladstone began to discover the 1770-Agnes Water.

In the 1980s, residential lot prices in the Town of 1770 had increased from $10,000 to $40,000. The highest price paid for a vacant lot was $62,500 in December 1984. Prices rose to $30,000 (average) until a new 54 lot subdivision was created. Average sale prices achieved on this sub-division had been between $22,00 and $28,000.

Beachfront Land:

The first significant sale of beachfront land close to the Agnes Water headland occurred in 1981 when 90 acres was sold for $300,000, some $3,333 per acre. The sale price achieved for a position of this same land was $41,000 per acre in 1985.

I also found a PRESS RELEASE: in the 1980s 1770-AGNES WATER “THE NOOSA OF THE NORTH”

This reference has always been a bugbear for many people. Real estate agents have always referred to Agnes Water/1770 as the next Noosa, but it has been happening now since the late 1970s.

Investment in the coastal towns has been good for some people and bad for others, depending on when they enter and exit the market. At present the prices have increased:

Town of 1770

  • Blocks or land 607m2 sloping with great views sold August 2021 $525,000
  • House with views 840m2 -3 bedroom with 2 bathroom and 2 car sold October 2021 $1,150,000.
  • Beachfront Land in a gated community south of Agnes residential land 2000m2 sold $750,000 Oct 2021.
  • Residential land sloping overlooking the township with views 1931m2 sold $450,000 Oct 2021.
  • Acreage on the Round Hill Rd 17.44 ha $405,000 sold September 2021.
  • 4-acre block in the Cove estate vacant $220,000 sold August 2021.
  • 9.86ha Close to Springs Beach residential land sold $1,425,000 Sold Out 2021.

I believe Agnes Water/1770 is better than Noosa with the unspoilt coastline, national parks, The Great Barrier and the surf beach. At Agnes, what more could we want and only a short drive from Gladstone.

I am looking at taking on listings in this region. So, if you are thinking of coming to the market, I am keen to have a chat about what I can do for you as a trusted agent in the region.

This is our NOOSA close to Gladstone if you haven’t yet been to the Discovery Coast do yourself a favour and go for a drive.

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