While staying connected digitally during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is also important people are mindful of their exposure to blue light and enduring extended screen time. Screen time includes working from home and use of smart phones, tablets and watching the TV.

We already know that there are health impacts from extended use and exposure to blue light (Source: Harvard Health Publishing). Admittedly, staying connected via digital platforms, adhering to social distancing and working from home will mean increased screen time for a lot of people.

Moving forward, we need to become more resourceful and creative around the ways we use digital connection to complete daily personal and work tasks. Our eyes and brains work extremely hard for us in ordinary circumstances, so protecting their function and longevity in a changing digital environment is extremely important. 

Here are a few tips on working in conjunction with our new digital age while keeping a balance of organic activities away from the blue screen:

  • Gardening – where this is available to you, spend some time in your own garden or go for a walk outside. Connection between your bare feet and the ground is also great for ‘earthing’. Earthing occurs when your bare feet or skin come in contact with the earth, and free electrons are taken up into the body. This can create a calming effect within the body while also promoting general health and well-being (Source: Bare Foot Healing)
  • Read a real book! Yes there are a range of online books to read, but nothing trumps the touch and feel of paper pages in your hand while enjoying a literature buffet of text and information. Of course, ensure your book is clean / sanitised or better still, from your own collection to avoid Covid-19 cross contamination. If you are now missing out on your local book club, try setting it up online while Covid-19 restrictions are in place. 
  • Rekindle your love of music – you don’t have to be a musical genius, but we know that music can help with our mood and atmosphere. If you are a talented musician, now is the time to dust it off and get playing. Share your passion and talents with your team and network. 
  • Meditate – there is nothing more powerful than the mind. In a world where uncertainty is certain, reconnecting with our breath and making sure our headspace is in the right place will ensure we can proactively manage our emotions and our reactions. 
  • Keep a daily and weekly routine – make sure you adapt your routine including sleep, exercise, work and leisure to continue a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t have a home gym, look for new ways to keep fit and explore other disciplines including yoga, pilates and workouts with no or minimal/modified equipment.

While we can’t change the current world circumstances, as individuals we can all do our bit to follow the rules, adapt and evolve without losing our person in the confusion. Keep the screen time to a healthy limit and bring positive habits into your home.

Photo credit: Adobe Stock