COVID-19 Policy Update

Dear Clients, Contractors and Associates,

POLICY UPDATE AS OF 31st July 2020

In compliance with the guidelines set by the government on the management of COVID-19, LOCATIONS estate agents, will be:

  • OPEN
  • Adhering to social distancing

It’s important to our organisation that we don’t unnecessarily expose clients, staff, contractors or our community to the COVID-19 Corona Virus.


  • Any person(s) who make threats, inappropriate comments or use abusive language towards our staff for carrying out their duties and following protocol in relation to the newly adopted COVID-19 policy, are not permitted at the LOCATIONS office or at any of our properties available for inspection (lease or sale).  The staff member reserves their right to ask the person to remove them self from the premises, and to contact authorities if the person doesn’t follow the request.  We have a zero-tolerance policy on this matter.
  • Handovers for new leases will be completely digitally.  All money owing will need to be paid the day prior to keys being received by the incoming tenant.  The property manager will liaise with the tenant as to the digital signature of documents and exchange of keys.
  • Social Distancing measures and required hygiene practices at our workplace and on site.
  • Hold client meetings over the phone or video conference until otherwise advised.  Only under special circumstances will client meeting be held in the office.
  • Adopt social distancing practices both in the workplace and on site at properties as required
  • Continue with strict office hygiene practices
  • Sales inspections for owner occupied and tenanted properties at tenant, seller and agent discretion by appointment, whereby participants/attendees will be reminded to adhere to Social Distancing and Hygiene practices
  • Routine inspections will be scheduled, property managers will adhere to social distancing and we ask tenants to do the same
  • Exit and entry inspections will continue as per normal with strict hygiene practices and social distancing
  • Conditions of entry to be displayed at all inspections by appointment for sales and leasing inspections.

Rental Relief

You may be eligible for a payment from the Australian Government if you or your family is affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Click the link for further information.

Symptoms & Notification
The situation is continually evolving, and we will continue to update you if our COVID-19 Health Policy changes.

So that we can keep each other safe from infection, please let us know as soon as practical, if you or anyone in your home;

  • If you are experiencing the below symptoms:
  • fever (37.3)
  • flu-like symptoms
  • runny nose
  • cough
  • shortness of breath
  • sore throat
  • has been in contact with anybody who is being tested for, OR has been confirmed positive with COVID-19
  • has been tested for, OR has been confirmed positive with COVID-19
  • has been overseas or interstate in the 14 days prior to our team OR our tradespeople coming to your home
  • becomes sick with any one or a combination of the above symptoms, OR is tested for, OR has been confirmed positive with COVID-19 following a visit to your home.

If you are worried, take the COVID-19 coronavirus quiz

Get in Touch:

If you have any question or concerns in relation to our LOCATIONS COVID-19 policy, please get in touch with Alicia via email

We appreciate your patience with this process and our business while we work to maintain workflow and minimise both disruption and risk to our clients, contractors and staff.


Alicia and the LOCATIONS team

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