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Many state borders remain closed for now, but regional intrastate travel is gloriously back on the table. This means our long weekend plans for the 3rd – 5th October just got a whole lot spicier!


I know some of us have plans in place with one foot out the door awaiting next Friday when we can replace our coffee with a cocktail. Whilst we are all adapting to life and the ‘new normal,’ at least we know that by staying local we can enjoy some of the natural beauty that our region has to offer.

Since meeting my partner here 6 years ago, I have often thought that this region doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. There is no better time than now to support our surrounding communities and show the world how great life is in Queensland.

Here are my top 3 favourite locations:


Pristine beaches, snorkelling with reef sharks and watching baby turtle’s hatch. The idyllic escapism! Catch a boat ride direct from Gladstone to Heron Island, and within two hours you will find yourself in the surrounds of the iconic Southern Great Barrier Reef. My personal favourite is the opportunity to watch sea turtles hatch which is an experience you will not forget in a while. It reminds me of the hilarious cartoon character, Crush from ‘Finding Nemo’!

AGNES WATER & Town of 1770

This is one of the first areas I visited and even while I still lived in Brisbane I would find as many weekends as possible to visit this stunning location. Choose your activity depending on your level of energy: surf, fish, hike, BBQ or just lie around on the white sandy beaches before taking a break at the ‘Getaway Garden Café’ or ‘The Tree’. 


From the Town of 1770 it’s easy to jump onboard the Lady Musgrave experience and spend the day in absolute paradise. Visit the rainbow-hued reef and spectacular array of marine life this is considered one of the best snorkelling spots on the reef.

So, come on travellers… indulge in any of our accessible and tourist friendly locations, and support local business!

Photo credit: Kassie Paulsen

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