By September 23, 2019Renting Tips

When collecting keys to move into a rental property, your property manager will hand you an entry condition report to complete within three calendar days of moving into your new home.

A good report will be detailed and have photos attached which refers to the items listed in the written report. These photos should be taken only days before moving into the property and should not be older photos re-used from another tenancy.

At the end of the lease agreement, it is expected that tenants hand their rental property back in the same condition as per the entry report with fair wear and tear excepted. A well completed entry report will reduce the likelihood of disputes once the tenancy ends, as tenants often reside at properties for lengthy periods of time and the prior condition can be forgotten by all parties by the time the tenant vacates. This is why it’s important for tenants to take the time and go through each room and mark off the entry report handed to them, if they note anything has been missed, it is recommended that the notes be added onto their side of the report. The report should also be initialled on each page by each tenant and signed on the last page also. If the property has inventory, an additional list should be added to the report confirming each inventory item and the quantity along with the current condition. When vacating, it is recommended to leave the inventory in the same rooms as you found them to ensure the property manager can easily check all items.

Once the report is returned to the agency, the property manager will verify the report and tenants will be provided a copy within 10 days. Should the entry report not be returned by the tenant within the 3 day time frame, the property manager will issue them a non-return letter and provide a copy of the entry report unsigned by the tenants which will be used instead of the returned copy.

Remember your entry condition report is worth the amount of your bond, so it is important that it is completed correctly and thoroughly.

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