By October 23, 2020Renting Tips

In today’s current market there is a high demand from tenants all applying for a limited number of properties available for rent. As a result, we receive an increasingly high number of applications for each rental property as soon as it is listed. To assist the Landlord in selecting the most suitable tenant for their investment property, the Property Manager will narrow down the selection to the strongest 2 to 3 applications that meet all of the essential criteria.

To help your next rental application, here are some tips on addressing all of the important elements of a rental application:

  • Answer every question (honestly) and sign where indicated.
    • It has been reported that up to 30% of applicants leave details off which could be the difference between a successful application and a rejected one.
  • Provide current contact information for all references (personal, professional, previous rental history).  Ideally, provide details for three good references for the property manager to speak to.
  • Provided 100 points of Identification, including (but not limited to):
    1. Drivers Licence/ Proof of Age Card
    2. Passport
    3. Birth Certificate
    4. State/ Federal Government photo ID
    5. Medicare card
    6. Utilities Bill (telephone, internet, gas, electricity, council rates notice, car registration etc)
    7. Tenancy Documentation (Lease agreement, rent receipts x 4, Bond lodgement receipt or rental ledger)
    8. Credit card/ bank statement
  • Evidence of income:
    • If you are employed, provide your two most recent payslips.
    • If you are not employed, provide your recent Centrelink Income Statement.
    • If you are self-employed, provide Bank Statements, Group Certificate, Tax Return or Accountants letter.
  • Calculating affordability may differ between Agencies:
    • A percentage of your income will be taken into consideration to assess if you can afford the property.
    • Affordable rent is considered to be no more than 30% of household income (excluding any Coronavirus payments you may receive on Centrelink).
  • Be honest in your answers.
    • It is less than ideal (and often embarrassing to the applicant) to present a squeaky clean application and rental history, for the agent to then find that you have been blacklisted on TICA or owe money from a previous tenancy.
  • If you are applying with more than one person, ensure that all applications are submitted together.
  • Apply for 1 rental property at a time.
    • If you are declined for your first preference, we can present your application to your second preferred property.
  • Attend an inspection.
    • Be on time, presentable and courteous – first impressions count!
    • If you are unable to attend, can a trusted family member or friend attend on your behalf?
    • Our leasing officer may be able to assist you with a virtual inspection.
    • Applications can be made “sight unseen” however, this will mean that you accept the property in its current condition.

All the best for applying for your next rental, and I look forward to processing your application! If you want to save time, apply online!

Photo credit: Adobe Stock