Unfortunately, a lot of tenants assume their contents are covered under their landlord’s insurance when, in most cases, this is not the case. It is important that the things that mean the most to you are covered in case the worst was to happen.

Whilst the landlord is responsible for damage or loss to the building and fittings it is your responsibility as a tenant to insure your possessions inside of the building. Everything from furniture and technology to jewellery and clothes can be covered under a tenant’s renters’ insurance.

There are many situations that may arise during a tenancy where an owner’s insurance cannot be utilised but a tenant can fall back on their own policy.

Water Damage

Let’s say a freak storm rolls through town while you are at work and the roof springs a leak right above the TV in the lounge room. The damage to the roof and building structure itself would be claimed on the owner’s insurance. Even though the TV being broken is through no fault of your own, it does not belong to the owner and is therefore not covered by their insurance. However, if you have your own insurance policy in place you may be able to claim for the TV to be repaired or replaced.


The risk of theft can often be overlooked by a tenant. Your home is filled with your most valuable possessions so what happens if someone breaks in and takes them from you? Whilst the sentimental value from some items cannot be replaced most insurance policies will cover these items and relive some of the financial burden of having to start again.

There are many other situations where having renters’ insurance can assist in a sticky situation. Covering your possessions in the case of a fire, flood or cyclone are just a few. Given the rise of natural disasters, it is more important than ever to have yourself covered.

To find out the best cover for you reach out to an insurance company who will be able to best determine a policy for you. Be sure to compare your quote as premiums and coverage can vary from insurer to insurer.

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