As you may be aware Gladstone and surrounds are still in a fully drought declared shire. In fact, almost two thirds of Queensland is now drought declared. The total area of Queensland that is drought-declared has risen to 65.2% after a significant lack of rainfall across central, southern and south east Queensland.

This has also meant that Queensland and most of the East Coast of Australia has endured significant fires over the last few years.  As a tenant, it is important to minimise the risk of fire damage.

What can you do to be prepared?

Personal safety:

  • Keep informed using the QFES Website and QFES Facebook page to monitor the updates they post
  • Create your own bushfire survival plan
  • Pack a “relocation kit” in case you need to evacuate

All of the above information can be located on the QFES website

Preparing your home:

Your home and garden should be as clear as possible from anything that might help a fire spread to your home. Here are some tips:

  • Keep lawns mowed and gardens tidy of dead leaves and debris
  • Move any petrol, LPG cylinders, wood piles and old furniture away from your home
  • Keep your pathways and driveways clear.
  • If you realise your gutters need cleaning, contact your property manager immediately so they can organise someone to come out and clear them for you

More involved maintenance items that are the responsibility of your landlord should be reported to your property manager immediately so that the landlord can be notified or followed up to ensure the items are actioned as soon as possible.


If you are unsure what is your responsibility and what is your landlord’s responsibility, please don’t hesitate to contact your property manager so that they can assist you. If you have any further questions or concerns in relation to this email, your property manager would be more than happy to hear from you.

At LOCATIONS, it’s important to us that we provide all of our clients and tenants with helpful information to ensure they have the tools to be prepared in the event of a fire emergency. We hope you find this information helpful.