You’ve got a rental property inspection coming up and you’re not sure what to do.

For some people, notice of an upcoming rental property inspection means full activation of “Marie Kondo” mode, tidying and organising everything in a frenzy for days leading up to the inspection so nothing is out of place. For others, the mantra is “this is how I live, and they should see the house in its everyday habitat.”

As a Property Manager with LOCATIONS estate agents in Gladstone, and also a tenant in my own rental property, I am in a unique position to be able to give you the benefit of my experience from both perspectives.

Rental inspections are not designed for the property manager or the landlord to criticise you. The owner of your property, via the property manager, just wants to ensure you are taking good care of their investment property. This includes structural issues and aesthetics as well as wear and tear on the property. Prior to an upcoming routine inspection, you will be given an entry notice, with a minimum of 7 days notice. 

There is no need to panic about your upcoming inspection, but some preparation on your behalf will be required. 

Here’s my top tips on getting a 10 out of 10 at your next routine inspection:

Spring clean – in the week coming up to your routine inspection take the time to clean those ‘once a season’ things, and to declutter. Generally, routine inspections will occur once every 3 months making this the perfect time to hit the reset button and clean those window tracks, dust those fan blades and get rid of some of those things that may have run their course. 

Decluttering – Throughout your cleaning and de-cluttering, you may notice certain issues around the property. You should jot these down and photograph them so that the property manager can organise for these issues to be rectified. Either inform the property manager of these issues whilst they are visiting or send them an email, or both!

Timing – Most rental inspections last for about 10 minutes and consist of the property manager doing a quick turn around the property, taking a few snaps of each room to check for any major damage or potential problems to provide the owner with some clarification that you are taking care of the property. 

Do that final tidy up – wipe over the benches, put the dirty washing in the clothes hamper, clean out the cat litter. No need to stress over a few dishes in the sink, a few shoes at the door, or the kid’s toys or books on the floor. Your rental does not need to be presented in full “show home” mode, but it does need to demonstrate you are being respectful of the property.

Get Green – If your property has a garden, you should make it clear that you’re looking after it by mowing, weeding, and watering. Your property manager will love this!

Allow that air to flow – Open windows and doors, and air the property out. This is always nice to do, whether there’s an upcoming inspection or not!

Have that list – Whether you’re going to be home during the routine inspection or not it is always handy to have that list of maintenance items that we prepared earlier handy so you don’t forget to mention something to your property manager whilst they are there, or leave it on the bench for them to find if you are not home. 

My best advice is to keep a regular cycle of cleaning and maintenance in your rental property so when inspection time comes around, there is nothing significant that is required.  If you need to reschedule due to unforeseen disruptions including illness or covid, reach out to your property manager to arrange a new day and time.

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