We often see so much on hand information that applies to first time buyers and tips on how to go about buying a home, but what if you are a first time Seller? It may very well have been some time since you first purchased your property, and there is no doubt this can be a daunting prospect when approaching the sale of your first property. 

With technologies and tools constantly changing, there are new ways to market and sell your property; the options can be confusing. You may need a guiding hand to help you along the way to ensure you reach the broadest range of buyers and achieve a premium price for your property. 

Here are some helpful tips to point you in the right direction. 


Choosing an agent can be a confusing task. You might be spending a lot of time with your agent, and it’s important that you trust that they are working in YOUR best interests and are committed to achieving the best result for you and your property. 

First instincts count in the real estate agent selection process as you will be trusting your agent with a highly valued asset. Take note of the negotiation style of the commission. Those agents who lower their commission quickly and without much debate should be approached with caution as they may be willing to sacrifice your property sale price just as quickly. Experience, expertise, communication and commitment are things you cannot put a dollar value on. 

Sit down and discuss the marketing strategy. Your agent should be able to take you through the pricing step by step and show you exactly how much is allocated to your marketing budget and justify why it is needed. 

Technology has changed so much and it’s evolving more each day. Choose an agent that is on top of the game to ensure you reach all potential buyers and achieve top results. Database marketing is a very strong tool. Does the agent contact all their buyers who are looking within your price range with both local and out of town buyers? Does the Agency work as a team giving you the highest of service and reaching the maximum number of buyers?  Teamwork is an extremely strong asset, essentially you have 3-5 more people working for you at the one time to achieve optimum results. 


Having a realistic price expectation is key to a successful campaign. Your agent will have the tools to help you with this and should have ongoing communication with buyers in your market. Your agent will be best placed to provide values that buyers are currently assigning to properties in your area.

Take time to research the current state of the property market in your local area. Look at comparative properties ‘For Sale’, recent sales and general economic conditions that will help you set a realistic expectation regarding the value of your home. Your agent will certainly be able to assist you with this and will be able to provide you with a detailed market report. 


Preparing your property for Sale might take you more time than you think; start early, especially if you have been living in your home for some time. For inspiration you might want to look through magazines, talk to your friends, and conduct research online. 

Decluttering and cleaning will be your first step and will make it easier when it is time to move. Cosmetic enhancements and painting can go a very long way depending on the state of your property. General maintenance and yard work that may have been pushed to the back of the list has now reached its time for action. 

Investing in a Building & Pest Inspection can help you resolve any hidden issues that may encumber the sale of your property. 

Early preparation and working with a helpful real estate agent who can be on hand to offer advice and information will put you well on your way to achieving a stress free, successful outcome with your property sale. 

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