Getting Your Home In Order Before Sale

By February 25, 2019Selling Tips

Everyone wants the sale of their property to go smoothly. Today’s buyers are very knowledgeable, very experienced at doing their due diligence and very confident in their purchasing decisions.

Buyers are no longer stuck with a bad decision – a lemon – and contractors are designed with protections in place for building, pest and electrical issues.

They also have a lot of information about house prices, appraisal ranges and history at their fingertips.

Long story short, buyers will smell a lemon early on in a marketing campaign or contract.  Seller beware!

So here are a few tips to ensure your sale is settled smoothly:

Building and pest inspections: As you prepare your home for sale, engage an inspector to get a building inspection and a pest inspection done.

Nip it in the bud: Don’t let small issues become big issues. Leaky taps can lead to major flooding.  If it needs attention, act early.

Qualified trade: Engage a suitably qualified tradie. Nothing looks worse that a badly patched wall or ad hoc tiling splash back.

Compliance: Ensure patios, garden sheds or even bathroom renovations have council approval. Get this done during planning stage rather than trying to approve without plans in retrospect.

Timber maintenance: Check external timbers including those used for stairs, patios and decks.  It is easy to spot a weathered board on the surface, but care needs to be given to the supporting beams and structure.

Sparky: Ergon regularly inspect power compliance and connections to private dwellings and will notify you if an upgrade is required.  It is also good practice to get all the electrical in a property checked including appliances.

Gas certificates: Gas compliance certificates for homes with bottled gas are becoming an issue. It pays to have your provider or an independent third party to verify the safety of the connections.

Remember, by being transparent with any known issues and doing the work upfront to remedy any building pest or electrical issues, as a seller you can potentially save yourself not only thousands from a reduction on sale price, but also the possible loss of a contract in an already challenging market.

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