In any market, top-shelf marketing is considered an investment in achieving the best possible sales price.

“What is your marketing package?”

This should be one of the first questions you ask a real estate agent during their listing presentation. Not all agencies do the same marketing, and their packages can differ dramatically depending on the subscriptions with third party portals, access to technology and understanding of the importance of digital marketing. If the client pays extra for marketing, they should know precisely how that is spent and the return on their investment.

Below are my top three marketing components that all agencies should be doing and offering their clients when listing a client’s property for either sale or lease: (REA)

REA is one of the top real estate websites in Australia. 6.6 million Australians visit each month1. This is usually the first place someone starts when they are beginning their house hunting journey. Because of its popularity, REA can become quite congested with listings on the first page.  The data suggests that buyers rarely click past page one, so it’s important to have your property listing on page one wherever possible.  This can be achieved through listing upgrades and promotions as opposed to a ‘standard’ listing package.

In the last 30 days, LOCATIONS has received nearly 70,000 page views on our properties on REA compared to just 8,000 total page views on (Domain) in July. While may be more prevalent in other states and, in general, it is more affordable, Queenslanders don’t gravitate to that site as much. Depending on which state the buyer is looking from and given their exposure and experience in property purchasing, they may use REA, Domain or another provider, so it’s important to consider each of these aspects when listing the property on either portal. However, leaving off all of them is sure to be detrimental to giving your property the necessary exposure required to achieve your set lease or sale goal.

Professional Photos + Virtual staging + Drone

Having professional photos taken of your property is a game-changer. A professional photographer will know how to show your property at all its best angles and correctly edit the images, making them easy to view without distorting the image. There’s nothing worse than looking at a property with dark, blurry pictures or an odd angle that misses key features of a room. It’s incredible what a difference good lighting makes too. A good photographer will make your property stand out for all the right reasons. Say yes to a professional photographer instead of saving money by taking photos yourself, which could cost you more money at the tail end of a negotiation. Photos are the first thing a potential buyer sees, and you want to make an excellent first impression!

Virtual staging is also increasing in popularity for several reasons. Virtual staging is not only a great way to polish an image, but it also has a place in marketing properties where the furnishings were either absent, not suitable, or not allowed to be photographed, such as tenanted properties. While it isn’t a complete must-have in a selling or leasing campaign, it does have a time and place, and your preferred realtor should have access to these resources.

Adding drone to your marketing can add that wow factor to your property and provide extra information and context not achieved by ground-level photography alone. While drone doesn’t apply to every property, I would highly recommend it for properties with either a fantastic view, lots of land/acreage or a unique feature that needs an elevated perspective. There’s nothing like being able to see a property from a bird’s eye view. Drone can capture large acreage properties by showing the boundary lines, so potential buyers and tenants better understand the land size.

Social media/ads

I may be biased, but social media is one of the most important parts of marketing your property. As I mentioned in my previous blog, social media isn’t going anywhere, and it’s borderline ignorant not to have it as a key component in a property marketing campaign. If an agency doesn’t have social media as part of their marketing kit, then I would run as fast as you can!  More on the point, the agent should clearly explain exactly what ‘social media’ means and how you can leverage it to achieve the best possible price for your property.  If an agent can’t explain, or they gloss over it with ‘we do social media’, in my opinion, this is a strong indicator they don’t know much about it at all, that the agency is outdated and not up to date with current trends and technology which could cost you dollars on the bottom line.

Through social media and digital advertising, our website receives close to 45,000-50,000 monthly page views. Comparing this to REA as mentioned above, we aren’t far behind them, and they’re the #1 site in real estate in Australia. We are very proud of our digital presence at LOCATIONS estate agents. Still, we also appreciate the work and investment that goes into developing, building and running a consistent campaign for our own business and our clients. We are humbled to have received countless praise from marketing professionals in the real estate field, noting our stats outperforming our metro counterparts. We feel we have cracked the code when it comes to digital advertising and knows how to get your property in front of the eyes of your target audience to achieve your sales or leasing success.

There are countless ways to market your property, but with the essential tools and channels I’ve noted above, your appointed agent should achieve a top sale or lease price for your property. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about implementing marketing here at LOCATIONS.

Photo credit: Wezzy Cruze

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