By November 8, 2019Selling Tips

A seasoned real estate photographer works in your favour to capture the very best images of your home or investment property.

However, before photography commences, a property needs to be presented in the best possible way to showcase its key features. The property needs to be clean, tidy and decluttered to enhance the flow of space and show the integration of the dining, entertaining and lifestyle of the home.

In the words of Australian real estate photographer, Brad Filliponi,

“Having a home presented for the photographer is paramount as photographers are not cleaners or removalists. It is our job to get creative by recognising the best angles to sell a home and for us to do that, it needs to be prepared for us.”

When investing in a professional photographer you can be confident that they will work hard and fast. They understand the urgency of a prompt turnaround at the photoshoot and post-production editing and delivery. Images are delivered directly to your Property Manager or Sales agent which ensures your property is listed as quickly as possible.

New camera technology on smart phones including apps and filters may seem like a cheaper option, however they simply can’t trump years of experience and high-quality capture and software editing tools of a professional photographer.

If you aren’t sure about how to present the home for sale or lease make sure you consult your real estate agent.  They too will have a wealth of knowledge on tips and tricks to prepare your property for photography.


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