By September 4, 2019Selling Tips

First impressions make a big difference to sale price

 There’s clean, and then there’s really clean. Presentation when selling a home is critical to obtaining the best possible sale price for a seller.

 When a buyer walks into a property, nothing trumps beautiful presentation. Similarly, there is nothing worse than when a buyer walking into a poorly lit, cluttered and dirty space.  We all have different levels of cleaning. But long story short, if something is dirty it can typically be enhanced or removed with cleaning products. 

 When we occupy a property for a long period of time, it is easy to overlook key cleaning issues. However, a beautifully presented clean home will set the right tone for buyer inspections. It makes prospective buyers feel comfortable and welcomed, bit it also enables buyers to thoroughly view the property. Checking and cleaning walls, surfaces, drainage and any cosmetic or structural issues before inspections, can assist a buyer in eliminating these concerns before negotiations.

 There are several key areas sellers should pay attention to when prepping for sale and buyer inspections. 



Kitchens are one of the most popular features of a house. 

 They don’t need to have all of the modern fixtures, but they do need to be clean. Some simple and easy tips include: 

  • remove cooking oil build up on splashbacks, appliances and rangehoods (including the filter) 
  • using stainless polish to buff appliance surfaces to give them that new feeling 
  • wiping benches and using products that don’t leave streak marks 
  • wiping over cupboards, drawer doors and handles to remove finger marks 
  • making sure the floor isn’t sticky by using a suitable cleaning products.



Bathrooms are the ‘home’ of cleaning, so it makes sense that they should be presented in a clean and fresh way. Some tips to improving their appearance include: 

  • removing build up on surfaces, including the shower screen and frame 
  • re-grouting if mould has embedded itself into the grout 
  • wiping over all cupboards, drawers and handles 
  • checking the tiny spaces between vanities and bathtubs as these places are a magnet for fluff and grime 
  • presenting fresh towels and linen, and even keeping a set pre-folded linen ready to display just for buyer inspections 
  • if the soap scum on shower won’t budge, consider replacing the screen. 


By thoroughly cleaning the property, you eliminate cause for the buyer to question whether there may be damage associated with grime and dirt. If in doubt, always consult a professional cleaner.  They may also be able to offer cost effective solutions rather than replacements. Better still, if you don’t have the time to clean on a weekly basis or prior to listing, a professional clean can be a real investment in your overall sale price.

 Remember, you don’t get a second chance at a positive first impression, so it pays to get it right from the start.