By April 15, 2019Selling Tips

Sometimes, as an agent, selling a home can be very challenging. It can feel as though all the forces are lined up against you.

I can recall many occasions where it felt as though no matter what we did to promote the house, it simply wasn’t the right time or place.

In one case, the home sat on the market for more than a year after the owner was relocated to another town for work. The property was tented while we searched for a buyer but the right buyer couldn’t be found.  Fast forward 18 months and the vendor relocated back to Gladstone and needed a place to live.  It turned out to be fortunate the home hadn’t sold because it was very handy at short notice and it also saved them having to realise a significant loss.

More recently we marketed a home vigorously, but the vendors decided to take it off market to sell between themselves in order to free up equity for a co-owner.  This inter-entity transaction didn’t actually go through, and within the last month, under different circumstances, a buyer was introduced to the property off market.  The property sold. Right time, right place and a buyer appeared.

If you don’t subscribe to the idea that the fates play a part, there are subtle, implicit cues that buyers can pick up on, either consciously or sub-consciously, when inspecting a property. The level of care in staging the home can speak volumes. A buyer usually asks, ‘Why are they selling?’ and if they’re looking at worn furniture and a shabby finish it’s understandable that they could jump to any one of a dozen inaccurate conclusions.

Light and bright is key to good home staging, especially if the home is empty and looks unloved. Never underestimate the impact of good quality lighting and a well ventilated home. In a beautifully staged home, simply turning the fan on low and opening the window can transform a stagnant feeling room into the complete sensory experience.  Get the energy moving in a home – music, breezes, imagery.

My top tip to any vendors who are thinking of selling is this: You need to let go of your emotional and mental attachment to your home in order to do a great job selling it. Give the universe and your agent permission to find a new owner. Keep an open mind and open home with good vibes to attract a sale.