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There is no doubt that Spring has definitely sprung with a warmer change in the weather.  While considered by many as the ideal selling season, this doesn’t always ring true. In cooler climates, winter can be a slow month for sales.  Buyers are more inclined to stick to the comforts of their couch rather than venturing out into the winter chill house hunting. Similarly, summer can be a prime time for properties with pools to attract a premium on sale.

Christmas Deadline

Christmas is just over three months away.  For sellers, the focus shouldn’t be the season, but what really needs to be done to get their property sold by December 2019.  There is nothing worse than having a house sit stagnant over the festive season.  A combination of school holidays, annual leave and exhausted wallets from Christmas spending can significantly impact the buyer market.  This leaves sellers open to a possible lag of four to six weeks over December and January before effecting a sale.  Psychologically, it can feel like a burden for both seller and agent as the new year rolls over.  There is nothing better than kickstarting a new year with all of your 2019 property goals complete!

Now is the time for people on the market or who are contemplating selling to snap into gear.  The next twelve weeks needs careful planning with a reality check about the market and a clear set of actions for both agent and seller to do before December.  It all comes down to two simple options for a seller; 1) stay or 2) sell.  The market is starting to improve but it is a slow burn.  Continually waiting for a capital increase while on the market is a weak selling strategy.  It can also damage the success of a campaign by extending days on market and increasing buyer perception that there is something wrong with the property.  Average days on market in Gladstone are sitting around 60 – 90 days depending on the style of house.  Sellers should ask for an up to date appraisal report with statistics on their suburb so they can weigh in on the strength of their marketing campaign.  How does it compare to the median or average?  What can be done differently to effect a sale?

School Holidays

I am often asked, ‘Is it a good idea to list my property during the school holidays or wait until school returns?’

For a region like Gladstone, we do find that many locals do go on holidays and leave town at these times.  However, it also provides a great opportunity for people relocating to the region to have a good look around.

Furthermore, with the use of the internet, realistically, prospective buyers can browse any time of day from anywhere in the world.  It is my own firm belief that if a buyer is motivated to make the purchase, they will actively seek out a property irrespective of holidays or time zones.

In any market and in any season, a successful sale will still come down to price, presentation and profile. The key component is an agent who is prepared to do the legwork and a seller who is committed to sell.

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