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Selling your property is an exciting experience. Getting it prepared, having people inspect the property, interacting with contracts; and of course, come settlement, getting your property sold. 

Whether you are new or are experienced in the sale process, it is important to reiterate and apply these three crucial tricks. This will give you the best chance of attracting buyers to your property which then fast tracks the process between the property sitting on the market and that shiny SOLD sticker going up.  


The first and main concern to sellers is the amount of work, the time and effort and of course, the costs associated with preparing to sell. Let’s face it, unless you are an investor, handyman or someone who just has some spare time and cash, unnecessary work is something you wouldn’t want to be spending your time on. We would all like to move into our dwelling without having to do much, or any work at all to get it into a condition that best suits you. 

Most buyers in the Gladstone region, are looking for residential space and allotments with low maintenance work required. The money you spend preparing the home for sale should be considered as an investment. This is your chance to showcase the home at it’s best and it is certainly worthwhile doing. 

TIP NUMBER  1: Get a building & pest inspection and council compliance done prior to putting your property on the market. 

This allows for a much smoother transaction, therefore making it easier for people to do business with both the vendor and the agent. This will also shorten the amount of time between going to market and getting it sold. 

Occasionally, buyer’s will still want to undertake their own building & pest inspection to be undertaken which is at their own expense. One main point to consider as the seller is that if you have undertaken a building & pest and council compliance inspection, and completed any necessary work highlighted by the report, buyers will not have the ability of reducing the purchase price on the basis of work’s needing completion.  

TIP NUMBER 2: Allow buyers the opportunity to view the home in private.  

We encourage owners to leave the property during private and Open For Inspections (OFI’s). Buyers who are inspecting the property appreciate some time on their own to talk amongst themselves or to do as they wish with comfort, and a bit of privacy. Unfortunately, with the added presence of owners or even some cases tenants, these prospective buyers can be deterred and left in an awkward situation when someone, especially the owner or tenant is watching over their inspection. Keeping in mind that buyers often only have two inspections of the home before submitting an offer, so they will want to take their time to make sure it’s the right place for them. 

One benefit to the owners being present at these inspections is to share their experience or relevant information about the home. However, this is also your agent’s duty of work for you. After the inspection, your agent will present you with any questions the buyers have raised that the agent didn’t know the answer to at the time. 

TIP NUMBER 3: Presentation is key! 

Last, but certainly not least is the presentation of your property. This includes de-cluttering, thoroughly cleaning, and tidying the gardens and lawns to ensure your home is presented as neat as possible. There are numerous amounts of tips and tricks out there for optimising your chances at visually attracting buyers. Creating an environment to facilitate the emotional decision of buying a home, is vitally important for any sale. 

There much that you, as an owner, can do to make your property more appealing to investors and prospective buyers. To help, here are some more actions you can take:

  • ‘Spring’ clean – sounds simple, but a spotless home will allow buyers to focus on the potential life they could have in the home, rather than the flecks of mould on the bathroom ceiling. 
  • Decluttering – removing personal items can make the home feel spacious and create a blank canvas for buyers to imagine their own belongings in the space. 
  • A fresh coat of paint – consider painting in the main areas of the home. Selecting neutral tones will add value and attract interest. You can love your hot pink kitchen, but it’s not for everyone. 
  • Curb appeal – first impressions are everything. Take the time to mow the lawns, plant some flowers and consider painting the fence. 

There is so much more you can do to aid both yourself and the agent with the process of selling your home. Thinking of listing your home for sale? Set your abode up for success! For more information and hot tips, contact our knowledgeable team today. 

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