By March 26, 2019Selling Tips

When you make the decision to sell your home, it seems straightforward. You know that you have to present your home well, get some photos taken and show a few buyers through.

The reality is that in order to achieve the highest sale price possible you will have to make myriad complicated decisions and each one will have an impact on the next.

So, before you pop the bubble, let’s take a moment to make sure we navigate the process as smoothly as possible and maximise our chances for success.

Plan your campaign

When you choose an agent, during the listing process they should explain to you the average days on market and how your home compares.  While other sold properties can provide some insight as to how long you will be waiting to sell, the type, style and price of your property can have a big impact on your sale time.  Although we all want the property to sell in the first week, the reality is that it could take a few weeks at least.  To prepare for this, map out on a calendar the average time it will take so you can get a good perspective of how to plan your daily routine during this time.

Regular Meetings

During the sale process, a seller may benefit from weekly or fortnightly meetings with their agent.  At these meetings the agent will discuss buyer feedback in relation to price, presentation and profile (marketing).  This is a good way to work through the planned marketing campaign and make any adjustments.  

Presentation Effort

The reality of selling is that it does take a lot of effort to keep the place tidy.  When there is a For Sale sign out the front of the property, it’s imperative for gardens and lawns to be in good order.  Sellers should prepare themselves for the maintenance and presentation time it takes to successfully sell their property.  For people with younger children or people who work long hours including shift work, hiring a babysitter, gardener or cleaner can be a godsend to take the pressure off a seller before an open home or inspection.  

Buyer Feedback

Buyer feedback can seem really personal at times.  But try to put feelings aside during this process. What they like and don’t like about a property will help you sell your property.  Sellers should treat the sale like a business and make appropriate changes to either the price, presentation or marketing to allow for the feedback. This is particularly important if the marketing campaign is extending past the average days on market.

The most important thing sellers can do to make the sale process smoother is to listen to the advice of their agent.  A good agent will have the experience to recognise issues early on and direct their seller in the right direction.